Commercial & Corporate Litigation

MAAA attorneys regularly represent individuals and business entities involved in disputes arising from a variety of business and commercial transactions, including, but not limited to construction contracts, real estate transactions, employment, brokerage agreements, and licensing agreements.  

MAAA attorneys know that regardless of experience, every such case is unique, and the cases turn on the details of the underlying transaction. As a practical matter, such cases are often won or lost well before verdict, and preparation, and a full and detailed understanding of the underlying issues and transactions during discovery, and often, even before a litigation is commenced, is the essence of effective representation.

MAAA attorneys regularly counsel clients before litigation arises, on the ramifications of business decisions and potential litigation.  It is crucial that clients, and their attorneys, obtain a full understanding of all circumstances, the potential expense of litigation, and the effects of the litigation on the business, in order to conduct effective risk analysis and avoid litigation, and also to ensure that business decisions, transactions and communications are adequately documented and that evidence is preserved in the event of litigation.      

MAAA attorneys often counsel and advise clients based abroad who do business in the United States.  MAAA attorneys understand the different business cultures that exists in other countries, and work to adjust the client’s business practices and procedures, in order to avoid the risk of unexpected litigation. 

MAAA attorneys have seen talented litigators who have “won the battle but lost the war” for their client.  MAAA attorneys realize that their client’s business is their client’s business, not the litigation, and that in order to achieve a favorable settlement for a business client, an attorney must often look outside the parameters of the litigation itself, at the client’s business and finances, and search for a solution that is compatible with the client long-term business strategy.