Strategic Perspective - Best Outcomes


McManus Ateshoglou Adams Aiello & Apostolakos PLLC (MAAAA) brings together a team of attorneys whose recognized litigation skills and experience combine to deliver effective representation and advocacy to its clients in state and federal courts in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

MAAAA provides legal representation and counsel to businesses, individuals, insurance carriers and municipalities from the commencement of an action through trial and appeal.

It is the essence of MAAAA’s firm culture to litigate every case aggressively. In the absence of a favorable settlement, MAAAA attorneys are always ready to take a case from its inception through trial to verdict, and through post-trial motions and appeals.

MAAAA attorneys are well versed in issues relating to claims involving property owners, tenants, contractors and sub-contractors arising from construction accidents, the New York Labor Law, insurance coverage and indemnification, premises liability and notice issues, dram shop liability and forseeability, issues involving municipalities, immunity and notice requirements, trucking and automobile accidents, leasing agreements and injury thresholds, property damage, subrogation and the enforceability of waivers, employment and supervision, wage and hour, professional malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty, as well as claims arising from commercial transactions, contracts, shareholder / membership agreements, derivative claims brought on behalf of business entities, and officer and director liability.

MAAAA is mindful of its duty to promptly report all relevant information and to keep its clients advised of all relevant factors that may be necessary for a client to accurately assess a claim. In order to efficiently and cost-effectively protect clients’ interests and expeditiously resolve claims, the attorneys of MAAAA work with their clients to strategically develop budgets and proactive litigation plans which often incorporate arbitration and mediation dispute resolution procedures.