Shareholder, Member & Partnership Disputes

Unlike other types of commercial disputes, litigations involving shareholders, partners or members go the the core of the business itself.  The litigation does not just affect the finances of the business, but often control of the entity, or the very existence of the business entity itself.   

MAAA attorneys have represented plaintiffs and defendants in litigation involving many types of business entities, and have commenced and defended derivative suits brought on behalf of the entity itself. 

The rights of the parties are often largely dependent on agreements entered into by the parties before any dispute arose.  MAAA attorneys have found that when a dispute does arise, often the best initial strategy, if possible, is to amend or rewrite the agreements, before the client undertakes the cost and expense of litigation.

When litigation is unavoidable, MAAA attorneys understand that it is imperative to establish a clear understanding at the outset, of the client’s ultimate goal, and to establish a practical strategy to achieve that goal.